Create, control and customize the lighting mood for any space with our app.

Elevate your Galaxy Projector experience with the Smart Life app and take full control of your projected lighting moments. With a catalogue of fully customizable features including theme selection, millions of colors, rotation speed, and the ability to set timers and create lighting schedules, the Smart Life app brings you the opportunity to take hold of the night sky and decorate your personal space with it.

Discover the Galaxy Projector app

Different Themes for Different Scenes

Our app comes with a set of customizable themes to suite any and every mood that you are in. Be it bedtime, a dinner party, or a relaxing evening with your significant other, the Smart Life app will bring you an out-of-this-world lighting experience.

Colorization Station

The Smart Life app comes with a hue-blended color wheel, meaning you can change the color of your ethereal projection in minor increments to achieve the exact color of your choice. Select the brightness intensity and level of contrast to find the perfect balance of light and color for your space.

You Spin Me Right Round

Designed for maximum user enjoyment, our app also allows you to control the speed of rotation of your light projection. Project the night sky and have it circle your room at the same speed as nature intended, or take yourself on a luminous vortex adventure, soaring the night sky at lightspeed.

I’ll Have to Check My Schedule

With the Smart Life app, you will have full control over how long your projection will play for. Not only this, but you can even set the time of the day your light show should commence and for how long into the night it will last. Return home from a long day of work and enter a world that is completely designed and set-up by you.