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Our purpose.

83% of the world’s population and more than 99% of the U.S. and European populations live under light-polluted skies and can no longer see the Milky Way.

The night sky is part of our natural heritage: it is beautiful, it is awe-inspiring, and being able to see it is a way for us to connect to the wider universe and understand our place in the natural world - we cannot lose that.

The night sky has been gazed and wondered at throughout history by people in all parts of the world. It’s indeed a sad deprivation that millions of children and young people have never seen a clear starry sky.

By looking up at the stars we have endeavored to do so many things, and if we lose contact with that, we might lose our ability to dream and to aspire.

Our mission is simple: we’re on a journey to bring back the beauty and wonders of the pristine night sky that has been lost due to the artificial light in cities.

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Each order plants trees.

Climate destruction is a sensitive topic for us: that's why we've partnered with Ecologi and CarbonClick.

Each order with us plants five trees and makes the world a little bit greener and a little bit more beautiful.

Together, little by little, we can change the world in a meaningful way—not only for us, but for our furry neighbors as well.

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