At Liens, we’re here to help you create a space that reflects you and what you love. Your home, with the right design, should look like you, feel like you, and represent you perfectly. Because you should feel good about your home—and how it comes together.

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." - Nate Berkus 

The Liens Astra Illuminator is surely a conversation-starting statement décor in your home that stimulates conversations and gives your guests something to talk about! We believe iconic interior designer Dorothy Draper said it best: “I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.

IKIGAI is one of those words that have no easy translation to English or any other language. The way we understand it is most closely related to the meaning of ‘calling’: it is what gives purpose and meaning to one’s existence. It is both a goal and a means to a fulfilling life.

What gives our day-to-day lives purpose is creation. To see an item carefully crafted and engineered in our own vision to seamlessly unleash the ambiance potential of any space and have it serve a purpose. Our creations lie on the spectrum of functional and decorative. We work twice as hard until we are happy with whatever is in front of us.

In front of you.

We put our hearts in what we do and we hope you will relate to that. Thank you for coming into our world!



Our obsession is with beautiful living, and living well. We understand the true importance of your home’s ambiance and atmosphere, and our products were created to revolutionize this concept. We believe that everyone deserves to live more beautifully, and we want to bring color to your home effortlessly.

Here at Liens, we believe in the power of creativity and the appreciation of beauty. Everyone has a different perception of beauty and it is up to their creativity to express it.

Colors have been used to express feelings and thoughts since the beginning of time; we want to help you express yourself at the click of a button! 

We are proud of our incredible, quality-assured products backed by our famous 100% money-back guarantee

If that sounds amazing to you, you’re not alone. Our sustainable growth has been incredibly exciting, and we’re so grateful to each and every one of you

Every product we sell should be something that leaves your life happier than you found it.