Best LED Lights for Any Room in 2022

Since we’re spending so much time in our rooms lately, we deserve to splurge a little to make them our cozy little happy place. If you’re looking to lighten up your room, you’ve come to the right place. 

As “lightening up your room” experts, we’ll point you in the right direction for those best LED lights for any room, whether it’s a bedroom, a living room, a cozy attic — we’ll explore it all together and help you choose the perfect LED lights.

Types of LED Lights

There are many types and styles of trending LED lights and LED fixtures. Let's explore some of those and figure out which one(s) would suit you best.

  • LED and laser one-and-done atmospheric illumination for walls and ceilings
  • LED strip lights for walls, ceilings, bed frames, backlights of any object
  • LED fairy lights for a classic ambiance
  • LED sun hues for a warmer room
  • LED ring light for a modern illumination
  • LED touch-sensitive wall panels
  • LED moon lamps
  • LED backlights for TVs
  • LED corner floor lamp
  • LED mini projector

#1 Best Overall LED Light:

1. Liens Astra Illuminator

You’ve probably seen this somewhere, and for a good reason — it’s world-famous.

You can’t go wrong with a galaxy, and it just so happens that we’ve gathered one and bottled it up in a neat little gadget which then pours it out onto your walls like magic. From spellbinding kids and pets and adults, to relaxing you, to creating a romantic atmosphere — it does it all and more. Even the most boring rooms will suddenly look like magic. And for that very reason, it’s our #1 choice for the best LED light for any room.

See what the TikTok and Instagram fuss is all about:

Liens Astra Illuminator LED Lamp

The #1 trending indoor LED light for any room. Plug-and-play magical atmosphere with millions of colors. Enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Wallet-Friendly LED Lights for Any Room

We'll start with the most budget-friendly LED lights. Keep in mind, cheap doesn't mean poor or bad: they're simply affordable.

2. Tenmiro RGB Strip Lights

TikTok's favorite and a classic choice for those VSCO vibes, the LED strip lights set a neon, futuristic vibe for any room. Popularly used in bedrooms: under beds, in corners, eaves, awnings, as TV backlights, and wherever else your LED light desires may lead. A simple peel-and-stick, plug-and-play application.

Typical bedroom sizes range from 132 sq. feet to 224 sq. feet, and those will do great with 2 x 32.8 ft. long rolls (20 meters), but if you need more, look for products that can connect with other rolls.

Can you cut LED light strips?

Yes, you can safely cut LED light strips as long as their design intends for it. For example, Tenmiro light strips are purposefully made for cutting and re-connecting to achieve the perfect fit and look the user needs. Just make sure to cut in the designated cutting areas, otherwise the circuit board may become damaged and the LED strip itself will be unusable.

Tenmiro LED RGB Strip Lights

TikTok's favorite; 2 x 32.8 ft. long rolls of LED RGB strip lights with remote control. Cuttable design, easy peel-and-stick setup. 

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

3. Minetom Color Changing LED Fairy String Lights

The cousin of strip lights and another safe choice for any room that needs a LED touch, the fairy lights are perfect for those holiday vibes. But do not let your creativity stop there.

Hook them up with your most precious pictures for a warm “oldies” aesthetic and let your nostalgia prosper. Create an enchanted forest vibe by coupling them with faux plants and vines. Leave them hanging around your bed like fairytale curtains, or in glass jars like something out of Harry Potter. The best LED lights for any room? Maybe. Your creativity is the only limit, and that’s why the fairy lights are a strong contestant for your #1 LED lights of choice.

Minetom Color Changing LED Fairy Lights

A classic for all; 16-color LED fairy string lights, USB-powered. 28-key remote. Waterproof; perfect for outdoors as well as indoors.

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

4. Liens Sun Illuminator

First enjoying its virality on TikTok, the Sun Illuminator blew the atmosphere wide open in terms of aesthetic lighting. Now shining sunlight in hundreds of thousands of rooms within a span of only a few months, it’s a perfect aesthetic LED light for any room. Couple it with a stylish mirror and let the warm hues brighten up your life as they play with your eyeballs in creative ways. Make photography easy: no more fiddling around with lighting; a true plug-and-play experience. The aesthetic value is only matched by the Astra Illuminator. In fact, many recommend both, especially for the bedroom.

Team Day or Team Night?

Liens Sun Illuminator LED Lamp

One-click magic; a warm, compact LED sunlight designed for you, made for you. An easy choice for aesthetic LED lighting.

5. Sensyne LED Ring Light

Ever wonder why some people on YouTube or TikTok have perfect lighting? They’re probably using a ring light.

Perfect for lighting up those perfect imperfections, the ring light comes with a phone holder for easier photo/video taking. It’s also great for applying make-up.

So, is that all? Of course not. Ring lights are seeing their fair use as modern decor pieces as well as great LED lights for any room — that’s why we’ve listed them here for your learning pleasure. They will also give a nice studio aesthetic for your room.

Sensyne Modern LED Circle Light

A modern LED accent for any room. Tripod, phone holder, three color modes. 

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

6. YXQUA Hexagonal Touch-Sensitive LED Wall Panels

This is a fun one. Stick them up on any walls in whatever form you fancy and let them shine in a modern/futuristic aesthetic. Line up your corridor with them, extend your arm, and let your fingers brush against them as they light up with each touch. Make creative shapes on your walls or ceiling like playing Tetris with LED blocks. A simple yet fun LED light for any room.

YXQUA Hexagonal LED Wall Lights

A creative LED touch for any room. Simple setup, remote controlled, USB-powered. 

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

7. Logrotate LED Moon Lamp

Already had enough of galactic-themed lighting? Well, we haven’t. Sorry, not sorry.

The moon, being a symbol of romance, has had its fair share of popularity. Now you can harness that romance and put it in your room and create a longing atmosphere as you wistfully gaze at the color-changing moon. But it’s not only a permanent reminder of loneliness and the natural desire to be with another, it’s also a cute decor piece. Win-win.

Perfect for kids and adults alike, the moon lamp is a great answer to your LED light needs.

Logrotate 3D Print LED Moon Lamp

A romantic LED ambiance for any room. Remote/touch-controlled, 16 colors, USB-powered. Stand included.

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

LED Lights for High-Rollers

Trying to extinguish someone's eyeballs with the fanciest of LEDs? Look no further — here are some of the more high-end LED lights.

8. Govee “Immersion” TV LED Backlight

Another popular choice for a neon vibe, the TV backlights make your TV or monitor pop out more, making it seem fancier and more futuristic than it really is.

Is that all? No, it also syncs to music, making your disco nights more immersive. A perfect LED light for any room that has a TV (we’re looking at you, TV-in-my-toilet peeps).

Govee “Immersion” RGBIC Ambient Wi-Fi TV LED Backlight

RGBIC LED ambient WiFi TV backlight for a modern neon touch. Syncs with music, works with Alexa and Google Assistant. App-controlled. 

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

9. Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Video by Justin_tech

Interested in “Immersion” by Govee? Well, then you’ll be amazed by the Philips Sync Box. Built specifically for reacting to what’s happening on your TV or monitor, the Sync Box will change color and brightness depending on what’s displayed on the screen, making you feel like you’re actually there in that beloved movie or game. 

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box for Surround LED Lighting

The grand-daddy of fancy LED lighting: transform your movie/gaming nights to a different realm with surround lighting. Easy setup and install. App-controlled. Hue Hub and Hue Color Lights required (sold separately).

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

10. Zanwuz Modern RGB Corner Floor Lamp

Another safe choice for a modern flair, the corner floor lamp lights up in a neon fashion, making it perfect for living rooms and gaming rooms and lighting up those empty corners void of all life. And while being a top choice for LED lighting, it also serves as a fashionable decor statement. A 2-in-1 choice.

Zanwuz LED Corner Floor Lamp with Music Sync

Neat corner decor disguised as a LED lamp. Music sync, remote and app-controlled. 16 million colors and 300+ lighting effects.

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

Honorable Mention

AuKing Mini Projector

That's right, a mini home theater that works on LED lights (and speakers).
These mini projectors are trending for their own unique aesthetic, projecting any movie or video onto your walls and transforming the space entirely. 

See how users have made simple yet creative and cozy transformations to their bedroom by just projecting videos onto their wall:

AuKing Portable Mini Projector

LED 55,000 working hours (15 years of 5-hour-a-day use). Full HD 1080p. Connects with HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, laptop, and smartphone. Amazon's #1 Best Seller in Video Projectors.

*We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you.

What’s the best LED light for your room?

If you’re looking for a more magic aesthetic, the Astra Illuminator will be a perfect fit. A display of stars and nebulae that mesmerizes you and everyone around you. Perfect for: modern, boho, nautical, shabby chic style rooms.

A more traditional vibe: fairy lights. A classic, budget-friendly choice for everyone. Perfect for: boho, shabby chic style rooms.

Strip lights: a wallet-friendly modern LED light choice. Perfect for: modern, boho style rooms.

Looking for a bit more sunshine in your life? The Sun Illuminator will be a perfect vibe for any room. A simple yet awesome LED light solution.

A slight modern accent? No problem. LED Ring lights and corner lamps are here for you.

A fan of digital entertainment? You can’t go wrong with the Philips Sync Box or Govee "Immersion" LED TV Backlight for those luxurious movie/gaming nights.

A more unique movie aesthetic? The mini projector will be the perfect LED answer.

And if you're feeling adventurous enough, you might even try them all.

How long do LED lights last?

The average working hours of LED lights range between 35,000 to 50,000 hours, some even reaching up to 100,000. In comparison, incandescent light bulbs on average work for only 1,000 hours. That makes LED lights 50 to 100 times more efficient than standard light bulbs! LED lights also don't burn out overtime, unlike incandescent or halogen lights.

Benefits of LED Lights

There’s a perfect light for every room and every style. Used as simple accents or whole overhauls, LED lights will surely improve your room’s aesthetic — but there's more to LEDs than meets the eye.

Here are some benefits of LED lights that you may not know:

LED lights are...

Energy-saving and climate-friendly
LED lights don’t generate heat as incandescent light bulbs do. In fact, they use at least 75% less energy. The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that “switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reduce electricity consumption for lighting by nearly 50% and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.”

Helpful at waking up and falling asleep
Adjusting the colors of your LED lights to warm white or cool white could help you wake up in the morning.
LED lights can have the exact opposite effect as well if adjusted to the colors of red; they’ll help you sleep and won’t damage your eyes if you’re a night owl.

More sophisticated than the alternatives
LED lights by default have some kind of dimming capacity and a wide range of colors, whether app-controlled or by remote. Some LED lights boast 16 million colors thanks to color wheel app functionality. Unfortunately, that puts the incandescent lights to shame!

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of trending LED lights for any room. Feel free to explore more of our site and discover our own cool LED lights!

Best LED Lights for Any Room (2022)
Best LED Lights for Any Room in 2022 Since we’re spending so much time in our rooms lately, we deserve...